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Three are three types of the control system of Peony sludge dewatering complete equipment.

Simple Control System

This kind of control system is composed of ordinary electric components. It is able to operate automatically/manually the separation machine system, feed system, chemical adding and throwing system. It can also monitor operation of main equipments, alarm troubles and protect by interlink. This system can meet the need to control complete set for single machine.

PLC Control System

It is well-known that PLC is widely used in industrial auto control system, because of its stable operation, resistance to disturbing, safety operation, easy configuration and software programming. SCI developed PLC control System for sludge dewatering complete equipment to fit for the complicated treatment and high requirements from sludge dewatering. It can automatically adjust the differential speed and feed flow rate. This control system is highly automated. It can operate the factory without human. It can display many specifications and has more than 30 kinds of trouble monitoring, alarming and protecting functions for equipment operation. This will make the whole working system more safe and reliable.

PLC Controller + PLC Control System

The above-mentioned PLC control system can communicate with the central control room PC through network by means of communication interface to on-site PC or network communication system demanded by customer.

Able to control automatically as above-mentioned PLC control system;

Able to monitor dynamically the sludge dewatering on the PC screen, the working conditions of all the equipments and other related specifications are displayed as figures;

Able to draw the history trend curve of specifications;

Able to display and print report form for a day, a month or a year;

The on-site PC and central control upstream computer can monitor the working status of several sets of sludge dewatering equipments. It can also remote control the starting or stopping of each sludge dewatering set.

To avoid unauthorized person from entering the system, it has setting functions in three levels.

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