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JYZZ flocculant adding system is automatic mechanical equipment that can make up polymer solution from PAM powder. By batch throwing the powder, the polymer can reach full mature and achieve its effect. JYZZ series dosing system can carry out remote control. Therefore, it is safe, convenient, reliable and applicable for various purposes. It is especially fit for city domestic sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and other industries that needs dosing chemical solution. The design of this dosing system can also be altered to fit for the requirement. This makes it able to fit for special needs from customers.

The working principle of JYZZ flocculant adding system is described as follows. PAM polymer powder runs through adding device, measured by flowmeter and mixed in jet flow to change into mixture solution. Solution flow into stirring tank and undergoes gentle stirring, where the polymer fully dissolved and flow through valves (which are electrically controlled) into storing tank. When it is needed to use the solution, the adding pump pumps the solution into the mixing equipment, where the solution mixes with water. Then the solution feeds into the centrifuge or other kind of separation equipment and reacts with small particles in the treatment stuff, producing flocculant for solid liquid separation. By adding polymer in industrial wastewater or municipal wastewater, the treatment throughput of equipment can be improved. While operating the adding system, the valves and adding pump can be adjusted to change the water flow rate and powder flow rate to achieve good separation effect and economy cost.
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